Therapy can offer a safe place to think about yourself and your difficulties and explore the way in which these difficulties may be impacting on your life as facilitated by a supportive, authentic and collaborative relationship.


Sometimes people are clear about the nature or origin of their difficulties whilst others are less sure and may instead feel ‘stuck’ or are overwhelmed by difficult feelings or notice familiar but unhelpful patterns in relationships and circumstance.


People can develop coping strategies to manage difficulties and these may work for some time but are then found to be unhelpful or no longer effective. As problems build, thoughts and feelings can feel increasingly worse and can result in a greater impact on quality of life.


Therapy offers a place to explore important feelings and experiences with someone who is trained neither to judge nor advise you, but to think about, acknowledge and make sense of difficult emotions and experiences.  My approach is not prescriptive.  I will work alongside you in the way that suits you and your needs.


Some of the difficulties that people find bring them into therapy and that I would work with include:


  • Feelings of emptiness, sadness or depression
  • Feelings of anxiety, panic attacks or problems with concentration
  • Low self esteem, lack of self belief or low confidence
  • Difficulties in making, sustaining or enjoying satisfying relationships
  • Long term difficulties following losses such as bereavement, divorce or job loss
  • Sleep problems, eating disorders, struggles with physical health difficulties
  • Issues arising from conception, pregnancy, birth or parenthood.
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Work related issues
  • Identity issues